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26 Jul 2017

The Beauty Of Antique Wall Mirrors


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Posted By Vernon E.

People mainly purchase mirrors for its practical and aesthetic use. What many people don't commonly know is that they can also make wonderful accessories and give your room added character as well. Today, mirrors come in a wide variety of styles, shapes and sizes. But one of the most timeless designs out in the market today is the antique wall mirrors. Antique mirrors are beautiful pieces that usually come with elaborate frames and accessories such as crystals, terra cottas, clocks and many others.

If you own a beautiful piece, one of the best things that you can do to make it stand out from the rest of the room is to put them in entry ways - which will readily make them visible to anyone passing by. If you want the accessory to be noticed, put them in areas where they are not a necessity but a decor.

If you want something unique and out-of-the-ordinary, you can look for small a sized antique mirror and use it as a coaster or serving tray instead. They can be wonderful pieces to use when holding small and intimate parties with family and friends. This unique approach to using mirrors will never fail to catch guests' eyes and admiration.

Antique wall mirrors are also one of best pieces that you can use to create romantic ambiences to any room. You can position this piece in front of your fireplace mantel and put some scented candles at the front for added effect. The mirror can reflect the light of the candles, creating a beautiful warm glow to the entire room.

Antique mirrors can also create an illusion of a bigger and more spacious area. This makes it a great piece to put inside smaller rooms and spaces. You really do not need to hang the mirrors up all the time because sometimes, they can look just as charming when they are simply put up against the wall. When shopping, always pick an antique mirror that can complement other decors in your room. This way, the elaborate piece won't look oddly out of place.

Another very important thing that you should consider when owning an antique wall mirror is regular maintenance. Smudges and dust can be very visible on mirror surfaces so you need to keep them clean and smudge-free as often as possible. Also, antique wall mirrors are generally thinner and more fragile than its modern versions. So always take extra care during cleaning. If possible, use a feather duster to wipe dust off from the surface and soft cloth with very little pressure for taking out smudges.

Antique wall mirrors are not as expensive as the antique furniture pieces. This means that anyone can afford to use them for decorating rooms and spaces. They are very easy to find as well. Mirrors are easily available in antique stores, second-hand shops and even in yards sales.

Apart from that, there are plenty of online stores that sell antique wall mirrors as well. But remember: since you cannot examine the actual piece during purchases, make sure that you do transactions only with legitimate antique dealers online.


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