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29 Jul 2017

Enhance Your Home with Fine Art


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Posted By Pauline W.

Are you looking for some California fine art for your home or office? What kind of art do you like? Do you like landscapes that reflect the scenery around you? Do you prefer exotic colors and subjects? Do you want a portrait for your boardroom? It is important when you decide to purchase artwork, to understand your taste and preferences. Investing in a piece of artwork is a big decision and you are going to appreciate it for years, so be sure to know what you like before you buy. If you are looking for paintings, some of the categories to consider are:

* Portraits
* Landscapes
* Seascapes
* Trees
* Still Life

Do you prefer a realistic style of painting or do you find yourself leaning more toward an impressionistic or modern style? It may be helpful before purchasing to visit some galleries and museums and get a feel for what you like and get an idea of the cost of original artwork.

When investing in California fine art, you can go many different ways. You can choose a piece by an up and coming artist that is less costly and hope your investment pays off. Or, you can choose a more expensive piece by someone who is more established and critically acclaimed. Either way, it is good to choose pieces you love and that speak to you personally, rather than just as an investment.

If original artwork is not in your budget, you can buy prints from galleries, online, or from art print stores. Prices quoted on web sites typically do not include the frame, but since it is such an integral part of the picture, the artist may have a suggested frame to purchase for a specific painting. If you purchase from a gallery or art store, the frame is usually included in the price, but not always. Many stores and galleries have framed and unframed art prices.

When you are purchasing artwork online, the price quoted does not usually include the shipping. This is because fine art requires special handling and care. The price will be determined by the trouble taken in packaging, and the destination of the piece. If you live in the area you may prefer to pick up the artwork yourself. For many people, their art is more meaningful if they have met the artist who created it.

Whether you choose to commission an original painting or purchase an art print, your piece can offer you years of viewing pleasure if chosen correctly.


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